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About This Guide

This Guide brings together information on coninuing legal education.  It includes links to websites in Maine.

Maine State Bar Association

Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar


Active Titles for Self-Study CLE Credit
Available at the Maine School of Law Library

Self- Study Completion Certificate – Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar

Expiration Date of Self-Study Materials
All self-study materials must be current (released within the past two years) to qualify for self-study credit.


14th Annual Employment Law Update  (2015)
Maine State Bar – 6.5 (1 prof. ed.)
KF3320.Z99 M28 2015  - Reserve

Bankruptcy Changes & Developments: Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Maine State Bar – 5.75 (1.25 prof. ed.)
KF1527.Z99 M233 2015  - Reserve

Bankruptcy : the unexpected danger of ignorance or the theory of (almost) everything: flagging bankruptcy issues in non-bankruptcy context  
Maine State Bar Association – 5 credits (1 prof. ed.)

KF1527.Z99 M233 2015  - Reserve

Bridging the Gap (2015)
Maine State Bar Association - 6.25 Credits (1.25 prof. ed.)
KF386.Z9 B74 2015 - Reserve

Estate planning basics (2015)
Maine State Bar Association – 6 credits (1 prof. ed.)
KFM140.A75 E8 2015  - Reserve

Family Law Institute (2015)
Maine State Bar Association - up to 11 credits (up to 3 ethics). Each session is approved for 1 CLE or GAL credit
KF505.Z99 M232 2015 - Reserve

Legal Year in Review (2015)
Maine State Bar Association   -    6 credits (1.00 prof. ed.)
KFM81.L43 2015 - Reserve


Pathways To Parentage Under The Maine Parentage Act
Maine State Bar Association – 3 credits
KF505.Z99 M3 2015 - Reserve

A practical guide to Superior Court practice in Maine (2015)
MCLE New England - 5.50 credits
KF8736.Z99 M3 2015 - Reserve

Other Resources for Maine Continuing Legal Education

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