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Secondary Sources: Restatements of the Law

Location of Restatements

Restatements and Principles of the Law (print) (URSUS)

Restatements (electronic database) in Westlaw (limited to Law School students, faculty & staff) and HeinOnline

  • Agency
  • Aggregate Litigation
  • Complete Restatement Sets
  • Concise Restatements
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Governance: Analysis and Recommendations
  • Election Law: Resolution of Election Disputes
  • Employment Law
  • Family Dissolution: Analysis and Recommendations
  • Foreign Relations Law of the United States
  • Intellectual Property: Principles Governing Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Judgments in Transnational Disputes
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Judgments
  • Law Governing Lawyers
  • Liability Insurance
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Pocket Parts / Interim Citations
  • Property (Landlord & Tenant)
  • Property (Mortgages)
  • Property (Servitudes)
  • Property (Wills and Other Donative Transfers)
  • Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
  • Security
  • Software Contracts
  • Suretyship and Guaranty
  • The Law of American Indians
  • Torts
  • Torts: Apportionment of Liability
  • Torts: Liability for Economic Harm
  • Torts: Liability for Physical and Emotional Harm
  • Torts: Products Liability
  • Transnational Civil Procedure
  • Transnational Insolvency
  • Trusts
  • Unfair Competition