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Internal Assessment & Peer Benchmarking in Academic Law Libraries--The Advanced Session: Home

2018 AALL Annual Meeting Workshop (W-2) In this session, participants will learn how to use ALLStAR's advanced reporting features for sophisticated data analysis, the identification of best practices, and the utilization of multifactor benchmarking.


Workshop Date & Time

This pre-conference workshop will be held on Saturday July 14, 2018, 1:00pm-5:00pm. ‚Äč

About the Workshop

Internal Assessment & Peer Benchmarking In Academic Law Libraries--The Advanced Session

With the elimination of Section III of the ABA Annual Questionnaire, ALLStAR Benchmarking is now the only tool used to collect meaningful statistics for academic law libraries. Participants in earlier training sessions for ALLStAR Benchmarking, including last year's workshop at the AALL Annual Meeting in Austin, were guided through effective data input and report creation, learned proven-effective data point combinations, learned how to use reports for internal library assessment and institutional advocacy, and learned how benchmarking also serves to identify best practices in peer institutions. In this session, participants will learn how to use ALLStAR's advanced reporting features for sophisticated data analysis, the identification of best practices, and the utilization of multifactor benchmarking. With a focus on the advanced features of the database, participants who have attended an ALLStAR workshop or webinar in the past will benefit from this hands-on interactive workshop with our primary presenter and library data guru, Robert Dugan.

Attendees should bring their own laptops to access the ALLStaR database.


1) Participants will learn to use ALLStAR's sophisticated reporting capabilities, and how to export, analyze, and display data in Excel and other software.
2) Participants will learn how to develop data search strategies to identify libraries that are engaged in practices that the participant's library would like to examine, analyze, and consider deploying in their own practices.
3) Participants will be able to use ALLStAR to develop in-class comparative case studies with traditional peer institutions; participants will learn how to develop an alternate set of peers, in addition to or more suitable to the library, based on relevant factors not previously identified.


Top 5 Reasons To Check Out ALLStAR

Top Five Reasons you need to check out ALLStAR:

  1. Preloaded data from the ABA , USNWR and ARL Surveys

ALLStAR contains ABA Annual Questionnaire data from 2013-2016, ARL data from 2009-2016 and USNWR data from 2011-2016.

  1. Assists with budget, personnel, collection analysis

ALLStAR helps identify, understand and quantify strengths and weaknesses. It is already helping libraries with budget, personnel and collection analysis. Better understand the drivers of demand on library resources and how they are changing.

  1.  Easy comparison to other law libraries

You can easily compare your library to peer schools. When faced with questions from administration, you can pull the data to quantify your story.

  1. Simple to use

ALLStAR is built on LibPAS technology, developed by Counting Opinions. Data is displayed in easy to read and share reports which include tables, graphs, trends and more.

  1. Low Cost Tool

The project is currently supported by the Yale Law Library and NELLCO Law Library Consortium and they are committed to keeping the subscription fees below $1000 per library per year.  In addition, they are giving libraries more options as to the level of access, number of features, and pricing to accommodate all academic law libraries that would like to participate.A library doesn't have to be a member of NELLCO to participate. It is open to any U.S. academic law library. Each U.S. academic law library director has received their library's password.

To learn more:

Pricing, informational webinars, and tutorials are available at the NELLCO ALLStAR page:


This workshop will be held at the University of University of Maryland School of Law, Room 205.

Prior to coming to the workshop you will need to get your institutional login.  This information was sent to your library director. If you having trouble finding that information please contact Bob Dugan at ALLStAR. His email address is or  

PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP OR TABLET TO THE WORKSHOP.  You will need it to complete the exercises planned for the session. 

Excel will be used during the workshop.  All participants are encouraged to have access to Excel on their laptops and tablets. If properly configured on personal devices, Google Sheets may be an alternative application to Excel. 

Please note that in Michelle Hudson's presentation, you will need to download Tableau Public.  You will need to do this on a laptop for full functionality.  If you prefer to use a tablet, you will need to look on with another participant during Michelle's session.