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Services for Students at the University of Maine School of Law Library

Carrel Lottery

The Carrel Lottery is held during the first week of classes.

We will meet on the 2nd floor Annex.
Dates and times of the fall lottery are available in August.
For further questions please contact Maureen Quinlan or Megan York.   Email Megan York or  telephone 207-780-4818. Email Maureen Quinlan, telephone 780-4835 or stop by office 403.
Lottery Rules
Bring your signed CONTRACT FOR CARREL USE.   No Contract = No Carrel
2Ls must have a Carrel Partner.  No Partner = No Carrel. 
You may send a proxy if you are unable to attend the Lottery. 
Prior to the days of the lottery, copies of the contract will be at the Circulation Desk.
Please make a copy of the Carrel Contract for your records!

Carrel Policies

  1. Carrels are to be kept neat and clean. Please do not use self-adhesive hooks, holders,tape, tacks or screws to adhere anything to the carrels or the walls adjacent to the carrels. Do not apply stickers to the surface of the carrels or surrounding walls or in any way alter, tamper with, or obstruct carrel numbers.

  2. Eating and smoking are not allowed anywhere in the library, including the carrels. You may drink at your carrels but you must do so in spill-proof containers. This means containers with screw-on tops. The plastic tops from coffee shops are not enough.

  3. No electrical appliances at the carrels, except for desk lamps and portable computers. Any other electrical appliances will be removed.  Please help us keep the Library safe.

  4. Extension cords may only be used along walls. They may not cross open areas or walkways. Users of interior carrels, away from the library walls, may not use extension cords at all.

  5. Book carts and other carrels should not be used to store books.

  6. All books that are used at a carrel must be signed out at the circulation desk.

  7. The following materials should be returned to the circulation desk at the end of each day: Special Reserve, Faculty Reserve, and Statutes.

  8. Maine materials shelved in the Reading Room should be used in the Reading Room.

  9. Disregard for any carrel policies may result in the loss of your carrel.

  10. Although you are assigned a specific carrel, there is no prohibition against others using it during your absence. You may ask others to relinquish your carrel should you find it occupied. Circulation and Reference staff will gladly assist you if you encounter any difficulties.