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By The Numbers—Law Library Assessment: Scholarships

Law Librarians of New England Fall 2016 Meeting. Held at the Westin Hotel in Portland, ME October 28, 2016

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LLNE Scholarships Available!



LLNE members are encouraged to apply for scholarships to attend the LLNE Fall Meeting; this scholarship covers the registration fee.  

DEADLINE: October 19, 2016.


The Scholarship Committee will also begin reviewing academic scholarship applications. Up to two of these in the amount of $500 will be awarded.  The guidelines for these scholarships are available on the LLNE website. 

LLNE and AALL Meeting Scholarship Guidelines

Each year, in recognition of its role in furthering the participation and engagement of its members in LLNE and AALL, the Law Librarians of New England allocates funds to support LLNE members’ attendance at LLNE meetings and the annual AALL conference. All members of LLNE are encouraged to apply.

1. The applicant must be a current member of LLNE, with current year’s dues paid at the time application is made.

2. Current Scholarship Committee members are ineligible to receive awards during their tenure.

3. Scholarships will be available to the fall and spring LLNE meetings, and to the annual AALL meeting or institute.

4. Scholarship(s) may be awarded for each of the LLNE meetings. The amount awarded for each meeting may vary, reflecting the registration fee, location and length of the meeting.

5. Scholarship(s) may be awarded to the annual AALL meeting and/or related institutes/workshops. AALL scholarship award amounts vary depending on the conference location and corresponding travel costs.

6. In selecting the award recipients, the Committee will consider the following factors:

a. Relevance of the meeting to the applicant’s present position.
b. Lack of financial assistance from employer.
c. Individuals new to law librarianship and/or LLNE.
d. Demonstrated commitment to LLNE or law librarianship.
e. Long-standing members of LLNE who lack financial support to attend meetings.
f. Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received a scholarship from LLNE.

7. If for any reason an award cannot be used as requested, or funds subsequently become available from your employer, the award (or the unused portion thereof) will be returned to the Treasurer of LLNE.

8. A scholarship recipient should be prepared to account for those expenditures covered by the award amount.

9. Recipients of LLNE or AALL meeting scholarships awarded by LLNE will be required to share information on the meeting attended with the membership. This may take the form of an article for the LLNE News and/or a post for the LLNE Blog.

10. No member may receive an LLNE award more frequently than every third year. This restriction will apply separately to LLNE meeting awards, AALL meeting awards, and continuing education awards. A member of LLNE may be eligible to receive one LLNE meeting award, one AALL meeting award, and a continuing education award within the same three year period.

11. Applications for the LLNE meetings scholarship and the AALL meetings scholarship must be received by the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee by the designated deadline date.