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Legal Technology for Students and Practitioners

148 Free Tools to Start, Run & Grow Your Law Firm

The website My Shingle offers a kitchen-sink approach including just about every free tool available with this caveat:

As nice as it is to find something for free, it’s probably easier for lawyers just starting out to invest in a practice management system (all of which are eminently affordable) than to hack a system together. That said, these tools can come in handy if, for example, lawyers want to experiment with non-law firm side gigs that they want to keep separate from their practices – such as selling legal information products or starting some other kind of ancillary business.  Moreover, the guide includes tools galore to help with website design, graphics, marketing materials, and legal research – so even if you’re already a loyal practice management customer, there’s still plenty of resources to help with your practice. (emphasis added)


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