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Legal Technology for Students and Practitioners



How to Use Technology in Your Study Group

Article recommends trying these free tools:


Trello and Slack are project management and sharing tools. If you like the idea of an online whiteboard and sticky notes, try Trello. Slack is a very popular workplace collaboration tool, also used by legal professionals, that would be helpful to know.

Google Drive for Education is a sharing tool.

Cram lets you create and share digital flashcards.


Click "send" and it's forever. Some thoughts on using email professionally.

Lawyers use email to communicate with other counsel. The ABA takes the position that email is not considered secure enough to protect client confidentiality and urges use of a client portal that is encrypted, usually in conjunction with practice management software.

Use a grammar and spell checker. Grammarly has a free basic edition. 

Maintain formality.

Respond within 24 - 48 hours. If a request takes less than five minutes, do it right away.