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Legal Technology for Students and Practitioners


Citation tools or "citation managers" collect and organize the data needed to cite to references, use in footnotes or end notes, and create bibliographies.

The data behind a citation is called "metadata" and includes author, title, publication, date, page, URLs, etc. Citation managers may also store PDFs and screenshots.

The data is stored in a database located that is either cloud-based or drive-based (local).

The tools recommended here include BlueBlook format, though all citations should still be checked.


  • Easier to use than an Excel spreadsheet for managing citations.
  • The best tools pull metadata hidden in documents so you don't have to enter items individually.
  • Speeds up creation of bibliographies, table of authorities, and footnotes or end notes.
  • Pre-formats citations in BlueBook style for quicker review.



zotero/juris-M Tutorials

RefWorks Tutorials

EndNote Tutorials


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Zotero offers the greatest flexibility for working on the internet.

EndNote's compatible websites includes Google Scholar,,, ProQuest, EBSCO, and YouTube among many others.