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Library Services & Legal Research for Maine Law Alumni

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Maine Law Resources

The Digital Commons at Maine Law is a repository for the Maine Law Review and the Ocean and Coastal Law Journal.    It also includes scholarship published by Maine Law Faculty in numerous journals and law reviews.

The Digital Maine Library is available to all Maine residents.

United State government information is available on      GovInfo includes resources such as the e-Code of Federal Regulations, United States cases, United States Code and Statutes at Large.

Finding Books At The Garbrecht Law Library--URSUS

URSUS is the online catalog for the Garbrecht Law Library. It is the shared catalog for the libraries in the University of Maine System, the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library, and the Maine State Library. When doing a large research project, we recommend that you do not limit your search to just the law library's collection but take advantage of your access to all of the libraries in the system in order to find the material you need.  

Search right from this guide using the search box below.

SSRN & Google Scholar

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences, including the law.  A researcher can conduct searches from the SSRN search page to find articles of interest.

Google Scholar, while not comprehensive, provides a quick way to get a cross-disciplinary set of articles. It can be especially useful as you start your research and are still refining your search terms.

With Advanced Search you can limit by date or by subject area (such as "Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities"). For search tips and advice, see Google Scholar Help and the Advance Scholar Search Tips.

Google Scholar Search

Maine Resources

Federal Resources