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Faculty User Guide: Finding Items In The Library

This guide is designed to provide information on library services for the full time faculty and the adjunct faculty at the University of Maine School of Law.

Location of Materials

The Garbrecht Law Library is located on the lower level.

If you have a suggestion for a new acquisition, you can contact anyone on the the library staff.  Faculty requests for new acquisitions are generally honored unless the item is unduly expensive or outside the scope of our collection development policy. The final decision on faculty requests lies with the Director.

Below is a list of the specific location areas:

Faculty Reserves - These materials are the most popular circulating items and are located behind the Circulation Desk for the law library student employee to retrieve for law library patrons.  These materials can be borrowed by law students for 4-hour loan periods.

Special Reserve/ Reference/ Periodicals - Located on the shelves across from the Compact Shelving. The Special Reserve materials can be borrowed by the law community for a 24-hour loan period. The Reference and Periodicals generally do not circulate. Please ask a law librarian if there are questions.

Classified Collection:

Open Stacks - The free-standing shelving in the middle of the room is our open stacks area. The range runs from Library Call # A - KF 9999. 

State Materials - The outer wall of the library space has primarily Maine materials. The range runs from  Library Call # KFA - KFM.

Compact Shelving - The first four units of compact shelving contains the remaining classified collection. The Library Call # range is from KFN - Z.
*Materials in the classified section may have a status of "in-house" use only or "available", which will loan for the full semester. 


Compact Shelving - For Research Only. Please assist anyone attempting to access these materials.

Federal Primary Materials 
 - The center units of the compact shelving contain the federal primary materials such as Amjur, ALR, United States Statutes at Large, United States Code Service, Words and Phrases, and Atlantic Reporter. Most of these materials are no longer being updated. Please direct students to contact a law librarian. These materials can also be accessed on Westlaw or Lexis. 

Special Collections/ Rare Book/ Maine Law historical materials - The units to the far end for the compact shelving contain our Special Collections and Rare Books.  


Additional Law Library Materials Throughout the Building:
Third Floor

The West Atlantic Digest and the Federal Rules Serves are shelved in the hallway near the classrooms. Both of these sets are no longer being updated. Please refer to Westlaw or Lexis for current information.

Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic - The library maintains a collection of materials for the Clinics. These materials are for Clinic students only. If a student requests materials from this area, please have them contact a librarian or email

Reading Room (Fourth Floor) - Quiet Study Space

United State Code -  historical and present
Maine Revised Statutes Annotated - Current (also see copies in the library for current and historical sets) 
Maine Key Number Digest - No longer kept up to date as of 2021.

Library of Congress Classification for Law Materials


Call Number


Call Number

Administrative Law

KF 5401


KF 4801


KF 1111


KF 1163


KF 1631

Intellectual Property

KF 2971

Animal Rights

KF 3841


KF 379

Banking & Bankruptcy

KF 966, 1510


KF 9700

Business Associations

KF 1365


KF 3301

Business Planning


Land Use Planning

KF 5691

Civil Procedure


Landlord-Tenant, Housing

KF 586, 5721

Civil Rights

KF 4741, JX 4000

Legal Aid

KF 336

Collective Bargaining

KF 3408, HD 6480

Legal Research & Writing

KF 240

Commercial Transactions

KF 871, 956


KF 4945


KF 2161


KF 3821

Conflicts of Law

KF 400

Negotiable Instruments

KF 957

Constitutional Law

KF 4501


KF 1375

Consumer Credit

KF 1039, 1601

Products Liability

KF 1296


KF 801

Professional Responsibility

KF 305

Copyright, Patents, & Trademarks

KF 2986

Real Property

KF 566


KF 1384


KF 9010

Creditors’ Rights

KF 1501


KF 1431

Criminal Law & Procedure

KF 9201

Secured Transactions

KF 1050

Domestic Relations

KF 501

Social Welfare Law

KF 3300


KF 4119

State & Local Government

KF 5300

Employment Practices

KF 3457


KF 6271, 6763

Environmental Law

KF 3775


KF 1246

Estates & Trusts

KF 577, 726

Trade Regulations

KF 1600


KF 8931, 9660

Trial Tactics

KF 8911

Family Law

KF 501

Trusts & Estates

KF 726

Federal Jurisdiction

KF 4600, 8739


KF 750, 6584

Food, Drug, & Cosmetics

KF 3864

Workers’ Compensation

KF 3611

Future Interests

KF 605

Zoning Law

KF 5698

Housing, Landlord-Tenant

KF 586, 5721