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Visitor Services & Conduct

Law Library Visitor Use Rules


The Library strives to provide an environment suitable for reading, study, and activities in support of campus research and instructional programs.

Behaviors that conflict with our mission and goals are prohibited. Inappropriate conduct:

  • Is inconsistent with the purpose of the Library
  • Disrupts the orderly operation of the Library
  • Interferes with the use of the Library by others

We follow USM Library policies, including USM Expectations of Appropriate Conduct, except where our policies conflict (e.g., public computer use minutes, interlibrary loan, hours).

Visitors should be prepared to present a current government-issued photo identification card on request.

  • Carrels and study rooms are reserved for the use of Maine Law School students, faculty, and staff.
  • Personal items left unattended in the library will be removed and turned over to the USM Police
  • Cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices should be set to silent or vibrate mode.

Signs limiting access under 17-A M.R.S. §402 (criminal trespass) are posted throughout the building. Visitors who are banned from any USM Library or campus are not permitted to enter our building.

Visitors may not -

  • engage in conversation with students.
  • enter or remain in the law building when closed or when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills.
  • behave in conflict with the Library mission, goals, or rules, or behave illegally under the laws of the state or federal government
  • remove or attempt to remove Library materials, equipment, or property without proper checkout or other official Library authorization.
  • fail to renew or return Library materials when they are due.
  • damage Library resources.
  • fail to adhere to copyright laws, including systematically downloading, printing, or disseminating content from UMS-licensed electronic resources in violation of copyright laws.
  • film or photograph without obtaining written permission from the law school.


Visitors may be subject to sanctions including:

  • being asked to leave Library premises,
  • being reported to the police,
  • being prohibited from entering the Law Building and USM Libraries, and
  • legal prosecution.